Dash-Systems are the most professional and safest way to transfer fuels, oils, coolants, or air in a vehicle. By using AN/JIC threads (Army Navy Thread) the Dash-Systems enable the fabrication of piping that meets aerospace engineering standards.
The constantly growing product range of Stealth Performance Engineering offers components for the construction of high-quality Dash-Systems with an excellent cost/performance ratio.

Hoses, Fittings and Hard-line-Systems connect the components in a vehicle and supply them with the favoured medium. Different Dash-Adapters with metric-threads, NPT-threads, UNF-threads or even BSP-threads adapt the Dash-Fittings to the specific components. A wide range of products as for example Dash-Bulkheads, Dash-Caps and Plugs, Dash-Couplers, Dash-Banjos and Banjo-Bolts, Hose-Connectors, Rail-Adapters, Y- and T-Pieces and Non-Return Valves complete the product-lineup. Tools for professional hose assembling and a selection of accessories for protection and routing of the Dash-Systems are also available.