Aluminium Bulkhead Straight

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The Aluminium Dash-AN (JIC) Bulkheads from STEALTH Performance Engineering are made from high grade 6061 Aluminium and are used to guide fuel and oil systems through firewalls, shielding or any cut-out required in a racecar.

The use of the bulkhead adapters comes along with a lot of advantages for the construction of an AN-System. Next to the safe guiding of the system through barriers, the systems can also be
separated easily into different segments.

If a fuel system is getting designed for example the system leads from the fuel cell through the vehicle interior to the injection system of the engine and back to the fuel cell. While the hoses in the vehicle interior rarely need a design change, the system around the engine and the fuel cell require an update more often. Du to the use of the Bulkhead adapters the update just needs to be designed to the fixed point of the bulkhead and not through the complete car.

The “Tech Black” surface finishing gives the STEALTH Performance Engineering components a perfect technical appearance in flat black and the laser engraved STEALTH Logo assures you that your system consists out of high-end products.

To install the STEALTH Performance Engineering adapters our infinitely adjustable spanner is the ideal choice.

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