Dash Fittings

The product line-up of Stealth Performance offers different Series of Dash-Fittings. Each Dash-Fitting Series is specially designed for the use in combination with the matching Dash-hoses, which differ in the internal lining and the outer braiding. Read more

The Dash-Fittings of Stealth Performance are, depending on the Series, available in sizes from AN-04 to AN-20. The availability of different bends eases up the construction of the Dash-Systems and allows to create the ideal solution for any application.

200 Series – The Nitrile Dash-System

The Dash-Fittings of the 200 Series are designed to be used with the Nitrile Dash-Hoses of the Series 200 and 210. This system is our allrounder for the construction of oil- and fuel-systems. The matching Dash Hoses of the Serie 200 and 210 are equipped with a stainless-steel reinforced Nitrile internal lining. The outer braiding of the Series 200 is made from stainless-steel while the Series 210 has an outer braiding made from black Nylon.

The Dash-Fittings of the Serie 200 are available in the sizes from AN-04 to AN-20.

The assembling of the Series 200 Dash-Fittings is easy but safe at the same time. The Dash-Hose is guided into the nut of the Dash-Fitting until the mechanical end stop. After the hose is in place the nut of the Dash-Fitting is reconnected to the Dash-Fitting. The accruing surface pressure results in a constantly tight and safe connection. In case the Dash-System requires an upgrade or redesign the Dash-Fitting can simply be disassembled and reused without any lack of performance.

T9 Series – The PTFE Dash-System

The Dash-Fittings of the T9 Series are designed for the use in Motorsports. The matching T9 Dash-Hoses are equipped with a vapour free and stainless-steel braided core made from PTFE. The use of our T9 System allows the construction of Dash systems following FIA-regulations.

The Dash-Fittings of the Series T9 are available in sizes from AN-04 to AN-20.

The assembling of the T9 Dash-Fittings is quite like the Series 200 Dash-Fittings, but one additional component makes a crucial difference. Next to the Fitting body and the nut a ferrule comes into play. First the Dash-Hose is guided through the nut. After the nut is located on the Dash-Hose the stainless-steel braiding needs to be separated from the PTFE core. The aluminium ferrule is guided onto the PTFE core and between the stainless-steel braiding. Finally, the ferrule is guided back onto the Fitting and by bolting the nut back on the fitting the unit forms an ultra-tight and safe connection. The Dash-Fittings of the T9 Series are reusable, but the aluminium ferrule needs to be checked for damage before it gets reassembled again. In case the ferrule is damaged it needs to be replaced.

Push-On Series – fast, flexible, and safe

The Dash-Fittings of the Push-ON Series stand out by their simplicity. While the Dash-Fittings of the Series 200 and T9 consist of multiple parts the Push-ON Dash-Fittings have a one-piece design. The matching Dash-Hose is made from Nitrile with a fibre-reinforced body. The Push-On System is ideal for the design of ventilation and water-systems.

The Dash-Fittings of the Push-On Series are available in the sizes of AN-04 to AN-12.

The assembling of the Push-On system is very simple. The Dash-Hose is simply slid onto the Push-On fitting and the special design adjusts the Hose on the Fitting. To disassemble the connection the hose needs to be cut open.