Stainless-steel hoses with inner liner made from Nitril are the perfect use for Oil systems and crank case evacuations in race cars, Clubsport cars and performance road cars. Stealth Performance Engineering offers different versions of the Nitril systems.

The 200 Series stainless steel hose is equipped with a stainless-steel braiding which protects the hose from external influences as heat, friction or stone-chipping.

The 200B Series is equipped with the same stainless-steel braiding as the 200 Series but the braiding is coated in black.

The 210 Series stainless steel hose is braided with black nylon. While getting more flexibility into the hose the protection from external influences becomes less. The nylon-braided system should always be protected from external influences. Our Accessories category offers a wide range of hose protection equipment.

All stainless-steel nitril hoses are installed with the 200 Series AN-Fittings. To install the fitting the swivel is detached from the fitting and the hose gets pushed into the swivel. The swivel now gets bolted back to the fitting and the internal cone seals the hose permanently.