Stainless PTFE Dash Systems

Our stainless-steel hoses with PTFE inner liner are the best choice for fuel systems. Due to its non-outgassing material the hoses can even be installed in the car.

As our Nitril-Systems the PTFE hoses are also available in different versions.

The T9 Series hose is equipped with a stainless-steel braiding and a smooth bore inner liner made from PTFE. The stainless-steel braiding protects the hose from external influences.

The T9B Series hose is equipped with a black coated stainless-steel braiding and has the same technical specs as the T9 Series hose.

The T9X hose is our extreme version of the PTFE range. With exchanging the stainless-steel braiding with a black nylon braiding the T9X hose becomes extreme light and flexible. The drawback on this hose is that it has no protection and requires extra attention in the design of the system and a frequent maintenance is strictly recommended.