T9 Series - Dash Fittings for PTFE Hoses

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Reusable Aluminium Dash Fitting designed for the use of the T9 stainless steel braided hoses with PTFE inner liners

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The perfect choice for Motorsport Applications

Our T9 System is the ideal choice for Motorsport applications. The lightweight construction of the Aluminium Dash Fittings offers great performance and can handle high operating pressures with ease. The stainless steel braided hose with a special smooth bore PTFE inner lining is ideal for the use of high octane fuels, oils and coolants. The characteristics of this system allow the construction of Dash-Systems meeting FIA regulations.

Braided with the same high-quality stainless steel as the 200 Series hoses the T9 Series is equipped with a special inner lining made from PTFE. The use of the PTFE material comes with a lot of advantages next to the nitrile versions in the 200 Series. Higher operating temperatures and higher operating pressures make the T9 System to the top choice for high end applications. Beside these advantages the PTFE material allows the routing of the hoses in the vehicle without disturbing vapours


  • Fuel (Gasoline, Diesel, E85, Ethanol, Methanol)
  • Oil
  • Coolants
  • Ventilations
  • Coolants


SizeID /ODOperating PressureBurst PressureMin. Bendradius
AN-044,83mm /7,62mm4.000 PSI / 275 BAR12.000 PSI / 825 BAR42,5mm
AN-068,13mm / 10,92mm3.000 PSI / 205 BAR10.000 PSI / 689 BAR50mm
AN-0810,67mm / 13,72mm2.500 PSI / 172 BAR8.000 PSI / 551 BAR55mm
AN-1012,95mm / 16mm2.000 PSI / 137 BAR6.000 PSI / 413 BAR60mm
AN-1216,26mm / 19,3mm1.000 PSI / 68 BAR4.000 PSI / 275 BAR95mm
AN-1622,22mm / 26,16mm 1000 PSI / 68 BAR1000 PSI / 68 BAR1000 PSI / 68 BAR1000 PSI / 68 BAR1000 PSI / 68 BAR1000 PSI / 68 BAR1000 PSI / 68 BAR1.000 PSI / 68 BAR3.000 PSI / 206 BAR275mm
AN-2028,57mm / 32,77mm1.000 PSI / 68 BAR2.500 PSI / 172 BAR575mm

Operating Temperatures

MIN-70 °C
MAX260 °C
Manufacturer:Stealth Performance Engineering
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