Heat protection for line systems, exhaust systems and bodies

Heat protection is an important component when building a vehicle for the racetrack, tuning a vehicle or when restoring vehicles.

In this category you will find materials for shielding cables, wrapping exhaust systems or protecting body parts with heat-reflecting special foil.

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heat protection

High Temperature Line Protector - Black

Black silicone cable protection - The ultimate protection against heat The line protection made of black silicone is the ultimate protection for dash lines, water hoses or even cable harnesses....
heat protection

Heat protection tape gold - self-adhesive

Gold heat protection tape - self-adhesive The self-adhesive heat protection tape from Stealth Performance Engineering should not be missing in any vehicle. The specially developed surface reflects up to 80%...
heat protection

Titan Hybrid heat protection tape - Lava Wrap 25mm wide

Titan Hybrid Heat Protection Tape - Lava Wrap The LAVA WRAP is probably the currently best-selling heat protection tape for wrapping exhaust systems and parts of exhaust systems. The special...
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