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Why stealth performance engineering?

Stealth Performance Engineering - The specialist for high-quality dash systems

As dash systems continue to rise in popularity, many newcomers to the field find it difficult to tell the difference between different vendors. However, once you have recognized the differences, you can also understand the sometimes massive price differences between high-quality and low-quality components in the area of ​​dash systems.

Recognize quality at first sight

To save on manufacturing costs, low-quality dash connectors are welded together from multiple pieces. This type of production can easily be recognized by the unclean transitions in the area of ​​the ends of the pipe bend.

CNC-machined connection with a clean transition

Welded connection with an unclean transition

The two images clearly show the difference in manufacturing. While the transition with the CNC-machined dash connection is clean and smooth, the transition with the welded dash connection is very unclean and prevents optimal flow of the medium.

The inside makes the difference

A look at the inside of the dash connectors makes it clear that the type of production has a serious impact on the performance and durability of the dash systems.

CNC machined connection with perfect transition

Welded connection with disruptive overhang in the flow area

If you look at the transitions on the inside of the CNC-manufactured dash connectors, it becomes clear that they are cleanly manufactured and the medium can flow through the dash connector undisturbed. The example of the welded dash connector makes it clear that this manufacturing method is very unclean and that the welded arc of the dash connector protrudes into the interior of the dash connector.

CNC machined - The most secure dash connectors

In addition to the disturbing turbulence of the media in the welded dash connections, this production method also has a safety disadvantage. Due to the partially solid edge of the pipe bend, which protrudes into the interior, the medium slowly washes off the coating on the inside and the aluminum is attacked. This damage, which cannot be seen from the outside, ranges from leaks to breaking dash connectors, greatly increasing the risk of fire.

So if you want to construct a safe and durable dash system, you should rely on the CNC-manufactured dash connectors.