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Item number: SPE-HLX-06-TUBE-25

Dash/AN-06 aluminum hardline with 9.5mm outer diameter

The Aluminum Hardline SPE-HLX-06-TUBE is a pipe with an inner diameter of 7.5mm and an outer diameter of 9.5mm. The hardline or pipeline is easy to process and is ideal for the construction of lines that have to be rigidly routed along assemblies or components.

Another area of ​​application is the construction of hybrid cables, which have to change the material used and the required properties over the course of the process. For example, dash lines can be manufactured in the steering area or from vents.

The so-called Dash/AN line systems (AN = ARMY/NAVY) enable the construction of lines that must meet the highest standards. Therefore, the dash line systems are used in almost all professionally built racing and club sports vehicles when oil, water or fuel systems have to be designed.

Technical characteristics:

Size Dash/AN-06
Surface Natural aluminum
Core Aluminium
Inside diameter in mm